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Our flexibility and management capacity allows us to offer a reliable, fast and efficient service, guaranteed by our collaborations with the most important logistics companies and the availability of a large number of references.

The capacity of our warehouses allows us to store stocks for customers who want to guarantee the supply of raw materials and do not have the possibility to store them properly in their own facilities. Our facilities are adapted to the demands of the market, which allows us to fully comply with the most demanding quality standards.


We also put at your disposal our technical service and our own specialized marketing department.

instalaciones logística SM: medpack
Logistics & Warehousing

Our agreements with the most important logistics companies allow us to provide a fast and reliable service.

Some of the additional services that we currently offer in our logistics centers are: palletizing, grinding, storage and bagging.

Technical support

We offer our own specialized technical service made up of highly qualified personnel.
Click here to ask us any technical questions and we will answer them in less than 48 hours.

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