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"It seems irresponsible to demonize an economic sector that, in Europe alone, employs more than one million and a half people..."

In defense of the plastic sector


Dow uses Post-consumer Recycled Plastic to improve performance of PMA roads.

"Circular economy becomes far more realistic when they see how sustainability efforts can be supported by improved performance and cost savings"

The future of plastics

One notable magazine cover read “Planet or Plastic?” Can we not have both? Can we enjoy the benefits of plastics and clean beaches?
"Which is worse: 1.5g (0.05oz) of plastic wrap or entire cucumbers going off before being eaten? Suddenly it is not so obvious."

How to solve the plastic packaging paradox.


We are already a part of Operation Clean Sweep, objective: zero pellet loss.

SM Resinas in collaboration with Dow Chemical, participated in the journey to clean plastics from Francolí river and accounted for the...

SM participates in the cleaning of the Francolí river, in Tarragona

SM Resinas in collaboration with Dow Chemical, participated in the plastic cleaning day of the Francolí River and witnessed...
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