truths about plastics

Plastics give us too much for too little.

They are totally health safe materials

Plastics comply with the most demanding laws and regulations at an international, European and national level.


It is the most seen material in the majority of security controls around the world.

Conserve food and avoid waste

The innovation in plastic containers allows us to consume food with greater safety, comfort and in better conditions.


They contribute to reducing food waste since the food preserves its quality for a longer time.

Plastics safe lifes

Modern medicine can not be understood without plastics: technologies of advanced surgery, support for the development of organs, hygienic material, bionic applications, material for blood donation, transportation of basic supplies to the whole world.

They also play a fundamental role in our daily security systems: alarms, airbags, belts, equipment, fire-fighting technologies ...

In the agricultural sector, the implementation of micro-irrigation allows saving 30% to 60% of water compared to traditional methods.


In the transport sector, the plastic components in a car amount to an average of 15%, which saves 750 liters of fuel. In the case of airplanes, lightweighting saves 20% of fuel.

They save water, energy and emissions

The appropriate plastic container REDUCES:

The amount needed to pack is 4 times smaller

50% the CO2 emissions by reducing the number of trips

The loss of food decreases to 3%

Most of its uses are long lasting

60% of the products made with plastics last from 5 to 50 years, or even more, like certain applications for construction.


Its durability allows us to save many resources. For example, plastic insulation for a home saves 250 times more energy than the one used to make it.


+5 years





+50 años

They do not deplete oil reserves

Only 4% to 6% of European oil and gas consumption goes to the manufacture of plastics.


More than 87% of the oil is used as fuel for transportation and heating.










The solution is in your responsible behavior

96% of Spaniards believe that the most effective measures to combat abandoned garbage are education and awareness campaigns in addition to increasing the number of containers and their frequency of collection.



Prohibit plastic products is NOT the solution

Its prohibition would entail renouncing all the advantages and benefits that they bring to society, which is not a realistic or effective solution.


The solution lies in awareness. To take full advantage of these benefits we must avoid that the products end up abandoned in the environment.

One-use plastics are essential in some applications

The value of plastics goes beyond its useful life, it can be recycled and, if it is not possible, it can be used in order to generate alternative energy.




Reduce, reuse and recycle is everyone´s responsibility

Plastics are recyclable materials that contribute to the circular economy.

To be able to recycle and reuse them, it is important that you deposit them properly.

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